The Highly Anticipated Follow-Up to the Free Floating Card...

Amaze Your Friends With This Powerful Demonstration Of Mind Over Matter

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"What an effect, simple, but oh so effective, can't wait for the next one" - Mark Jones

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Screw a nut onto a bolt with your hands...

Then UN-screw it with your mind

  • Un-gimmicked nut and bolt
  • "Test Conditions"
  • No Moves
  • Everything can be examined

(No camera tricks or photo editing used)

"Simple. Direct. Powerful.
Arguably as close to real psychokinetic power as you can ever get"

Dear Friend,

My latest trick is ready and I want you to be the first to know about it because it's a KILLER!

Picture this: Your friend screws a nut onto a bolt. You put them both on the table and your friend covers them with his hat. From here on out, you don't touch anything again. Your friend clearly sees the nut screwed well onto the bolt up until the very last moment before it is covered by his hat. He agrees that the only way to get it off would be to move the hat, pick up the nut and bolt, and unscrew the nut.

Concentrate on the nut and bolt under the hat.


Then look directly into the spectator's eyes, flash a wry smile, then turn and walk away.

The spectator can't resist. He peeks under the hat and lo and behold the nut has UNSCREWED ITSELF from the bolt! Talk about mind over matter, this is downright freaky.

"I'll tell you what I think Tim.  I think you're absolutely crazy!

I just read this email, viewed the demo, and went straight into ordering it. But you are selling yourself short--$9.97 for a trick that involves at least 5 magic principles and is as effective, clean, and amazing as this?!  You're as nutty as this trick.  LOL This is madness!

Already performed it for my wife. She's my first victim of every trick, and is not only very skeptical but has learned many methods in the process. But this one had her head spinning! She knew I had asked for <SECRET INFORMATION REMOVED> so said she figured "that had something to do with it," but still had no idea how I pulled it off. Great trick! Great job. I love it; need to work on my patter and <SECRET INFORMATION REMOVED> (although my wife didn't pick up on anything). Anyway, bottom line is I'm very happy with it and I still say YOU are the NUTTY one for selling this for under $10.  :-)

God bless ya, and thanks for sharing the wealth."
- Mark Libby

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With Nutty!, you can do everything you see in the video above, plus more! Check this out...

  • Spectator can examine BOTH the nut and bolt and they'll find nothing wrong because they AREN'T GIMMICKED in any way!

  • Can be done with ABSOLUTELY NO SWITCHES

  • It can happen quickly or slowly - YOU are in complete control the whole time

  • Done with a normal nut and normal bolt. Use any hat and any table - They aren't gimmicked either.

  • It happens right under their noses, but they'll NEVER FIGURE IT OUT!

  • You can even perform this baby under TEST CONDITIONS! The spectator can screw the nut onto the bolt. Everything is covered by the spectator's hat and impossible for you to touch. Everything can be examined before and after the trick. They think the magic happens while you're standing several feet away!

  • You'll love the secret. It's deceptively simple and devilishly clever. It's like something James Bond or MacGyver would use...and it's SOOOO easy to make!

  • Requires no sleight of hand

  • Before the trick, the nut is definitely screwed securely onto the bolt. The spectator verifies that the ONLY way to get it off is to unscrew it.

  • The secret is probably not what you think, there are at least FIVE different magical principles at play here.

  • Nothing up your sleeve! You can do this in your birthday suit (although we don't recommend it).

  • So simple to do, a trained monkey with arthritis could do it!

  • You are left completely clean!

  • This will fool even the "grabby" spectators who try to ruin your tricks

  • The nut and bolt aren't ever secretly taken out from under the hat, or put back under the any time.

  • You can end as described above, or you can repeat the effect immediately. Over and over again!

  • Nutty is your loaded gun for when you have someone you really need to "kill" with an effect.

  • No magnets!

  • No electronics of any kind!

  • One of the all-time greatest effects you can do seated across a table from someone.

  • Exclusive to this website, you can't get it anywhere else!

I’m not going to waste any time being humble...
This trick is nasty.

If done right, here’s the reaction you’ll get:

  1. Spectator lifts hat off the table
  2. Spectator lets out a laugh when he sees the nut is off the bolt
  3. Spectator’s smile slowly fades as his brain explodes trying to figure out how you did it

You can actually see the exact moment the effect impacts your spectator. Their eyes trail off into space, their smile drops, their brow furrows, and all of their breath is let out in one long, quiet, slow, “Huhhhhhh?”

Why does this trick fool people so badly?

Well, mostly because there’s more than one secret behind this trick. You’ll actually be ambushing your spectators with an onslaught of magical weaponry and they’ll have no hope of ever reconstructing what they saw or of ever figuring out how you did it.

There are at least five different magical principles behind this effect. It’s a compound secret that really packs a punch.

In short, this trick fries brains - One after another. Just line 'em up and mow 'em down.

You'll Be Frying Brains In Less Than 30 Minutes!

Here's What You Get:

  • A very detailed, 23-page ebook with 14 photos and drawings showing you the clever combination of secrets behind the trick. (Format: Adobe PDF, File size: 630 KB) - You will be able to download and read it immediately!
  • Exactly how to make your own special "gimmick" and get it set up on any table quickly - It's easy, it will take about 15 minutes and you probably already have everything that you need - You won't have to buy any expensive props or items.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to do the full routine, plus patter suggestions and bonus ideas.

"I got the 'Nutty' trick and was impressed with your write-up of the effect and method. All the photos were very good and it was all explained in great detail...this would be a very strong item causing more than one person to be totally amazed at the effect accomplished. I wish you luck with this and all future releases."

- Woody

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Sounds Great, Tim! How Much?

If you were to buy a trick like this in a magic shop, you would have to spend at least $20. You see, when you buy magic tricks you are paying for the secret and a secret this good ain't cheap.

However, since you are getting the secret in ebook form we can eliminate some of our expenses and bring the trick to you for much less than $20. How much less?


Thanks for reading,
Tim David, CMP

P.S. Remember, this trick can be done with no switches, no magnets, and no "moves"!

P.P.S. What actual customers say about a trick is way more important than what the guy selling it says about a trick. Let's hear what a real customer has to say...

"I have to say that without a doubt "NUTTY" is the ultimate magic effect of all time.

Most of my audience are really skeptical and nosy and never seem surprised with my collection of magic effects (I was almost ready to quit). But as soon as they seen "NUTTY" it was all over. I love this clever clever trick so much that I now use this to create the explosive effect and I tell you it really gave me strong inspiration to continue doing magic.

I have purchased many magic secrets off the internet but this most clever secret is simply by far the best value for money ever. Thank you soooo much for the "NUTTY" and all the other things you provide." - J Nassour

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