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"The Slickest, Most Magical Version Of The 'Coin Through Glass Table' Plot Available To Date, Hands Down."
- Shane, Online-Visions.com

Available on DVD or Instant Digital Download

Numismatic: 1. Of, pertaining to, or consisting of coins 2. The world's best coin through glass table

Check out this description:

  • Use a borrowed, signed coin
  • HIGHLY visual
  • No gimmicked coins to buy
  • No funny moves
  • Use any denomination coin, from any country
  • No magnets...NONE
  • No "sticky stuff" on your hand
  • Use any glass table
  • No advanced prep-work
  • No finger ring necessary (That's my wedding ring in the video, I NEVER take it off)
  • If you could really put a coin through a glass table, this is what it would look like.
  • You will do this one all the time

I think this video speaks for itself...Click play now

- Larry Becker, author of way too many magic and mentalism books to list here

"If you actually could push metal through glass.. this is what it would look like."
- Steve Fearson, inventor of way too many magic and mentalism tricks to list here, including effects for David Copperfield, David Blaine, and others.

"Beautiful! I have no clue....."
- Nathan Kranzo, renowned coin magic expert

"Yep, 'Numismatic' is a keeper. It's a stunning piece of work, easy to do, carries a formidable impact, and belongs in anyone's arsenal."
- Taken from a review by Shane at Online-Visions. Read full review by clicking HERE.

From: Tim David

Dear fellow magician,

I hope you liked my demonstration video of "Numismatic". If you're like most magicians, after seeing the video and reading the reviews, you have one burning question...

How The Heck Does It Work?

You should know as much about a trick as you can before you order it. I can't tell you the secret unless you order, but I can give you some details that will make your decision easier...

Practicality Chart
Performance Situation? Casual setting/close-up/restaurant
Angles? Some angle restrictions
Set Up? Can quickly be set up right in front of your audience - do it
any time during your act.
Gimmick? Very easily make it yourself for under $1
Wardrobe Requirements? Sleeves (It's not what you think) No ring required. Your
hands can be naked if you want
Lighting? Any (except pitch-black of course!)
Difficulty? 3 out of 5

Is Numismatic Really The Best?

I won't mention any names, but there are other "coin-through table" tricks being sold online for over $50. Frankly, they're not even as good as Numismatic. They're clunkier, not quite as practical, and they don't look nearly as beautiful as Numismatic.

Don't take my word for it. Read the reviews and comments from other magicians who are using Numismatic to destroy spectators' minds all around the world.

To Order, Please Choose Which Option You Want:

OPTION 1 - DVD Only ($17.95)
OPTION 2 - Instant Download Only ($9.95)
OPTION 3 - BOTH DVD AND Instant Download ($19.95)

Accepted payment types:

Thanks for reading,
Tim David

P.S. Remember, this trick can be done with no magnets or pre-show work. You can even borrow the coin and table.

P.P.S. When you click the "ORDER NOW" link above, you will be taken to our secure order form. The simple instructions for watching the "Numismatic" instructional video are fully outlined.

P.P.P.S. What my customers say is much more important than what I say. Here are some emails from magicians who purchased Numismatic and USE it to fry people's minds...

"Numismatic is BEAUTIFUL - I used to use a pk ring and steel quarter up the sleeve, but yours is not only ALOT cleaner, but more practical. And just to give you a nice ego boost - I fooled a few select members at the Magic Castle with it. (I won't use names, but these were some extremely talented magicians.)

So I must commend you on your magic, you are truly one of the gifted magicians - I am honored to be able to share such a wonderful and mysterious art."
- Joshua Saks

"I'm very impressed. Never seen anything like it."
- Tim Beckmann

"Numismatic is one good trick! I got both instructional videos downloaded and I am looking forward to practicing and performing it! I think you have a winner here."
- Joe Peacock

"The trick is great and the explanations are very clear. I haven't practiced it yet, but it so simple that I'm sure I will surprise my audience and friends."
- Massimo Bianconi

"The effect is very visual."
- Danny Archer

"It will bring gasps to your audience. Very visual magic."
- Steve Schneiderman, MagicReviews.com

"The trick is phenomenal."
- Chris Adam

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